hey! my name is Maize
I am a Software engineer with a focus on full stack development, and also
Multidisciplined Artist based in the PNW.

My tale is a tale of resilience, gumption, and bravery, it starts on the east coast to the west and across the pond, all with a dedication to learning to grow and evolving my freelance design career into the tech world.

I started my career as a Game Dev before graduating and working as a freelance Graphic Design Career for several years. I started my own surface design brand called "Amaizink LLC" and have been featured in blogs, articles, and newspapers for my signature pattern designs.

My long-term dream is to buy a house and land where I can continue my journey as a software engineer and work on projects in natural beauty and games as well as short stories. My ultimate goal and 100 hr project will continue my creative journey by blending my art/tech/story writing that connects creatives around the world.

Thanks for looking at my portoflio, i would love to work for an expansive team that is supportive and works on thrilling projects!

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The beauty of art, a writer of code, an attentive designer, and ready to work with you on your next web applications! Click and behold!

Shy Acre Farm

We grow and take care others on a 13 acre farm on the olympic peninsula.I helped manage farm on the Olymic Peninsula, and redsigned their website!

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Flowlabs Esports Training

Playing games is best with friends locally and around the world, now you can betrained by your friends to compete in tournaments!

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Amaizink LLC

Html5,CSS3,JS,MySQL, jQuery
Altered and bulit a shopify e-commerce website for Amaizink LLC, an artist and textile designer

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GooseBumps Book API

Choose your scare! Goosebumps Library with many classic spooky stories for you to relive and remininces


Core qualities and skills

* JavaScript
* MERN Stack
* Adobe Creative Suite
* Ability to learn new languages and interfaces

  • Dedicated & Ambitous

    I am a dedicated and experienced person who is constantly learning new skills. Since graduating college i have built my ability to learn new programs and langauges since using C++ in the Game Dev programing, while also learning and using Adobe Creative Suite for graphic and web design for over a decade.

  • Narrative Writing & Critical Thinking Skills

    I spent many years in technical positions, for example as a systems installer, tester and programmer for Fire Alarm and IT/Data Centers.
    and currently I am long time designer and currently writing several sci-fi stories that give a boost to my creative problem solving skills

  • Front-end and back-end web development and design.

    I have built several websites and API's for clients and personal projects.I also worked many years as a freelance designer and artist so i have the eye for detail and thinking outside the box!

  • Networking & Communication Skills

    My strongest ability is grounded empathy i can go in any room read the energy and be able to adapt to any social climate.

  • Team-player who can also work independently

    I am a fun and easy going person , who has many years of experience working with all types of people and with the focus and integrity to work on solo project when needed!

  • Balanced & Focused

    I beleieve taking care of your self mentally, physically and emotionally is priority to show up daily for your self and your team!

Contact Me

I would love to speak to you about how we can make incredible applications and work together on building new world projects